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The Horn represents the shared or communicated.

On this site, it contains my writings.


The Whitespace area of this site is designed for easy readability.

My main wordsmithing focus is writing novels and non-fiction, but I tend to finish more essays than novels in a given period, for obvious reasons. I also write poems, from time to time. I hope to branch out and write some new short stories in the near future.

These novels are available for publication, and the poems and essays are available for reprinting in your magazine or newspaper. If you are interested in publishing any of the material on this site, please send me an e-mail, and we'll discuss rates.

By the way, you can also visit my Haiku Madness page to view some of the American haiku I have written. It's in Whitespace O.

Another item of possible interest is My Livejournal (online journal). Most of the entries are old, but if you're interested in the things I wrote and thought in the distant past, you can check it out.

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Writing Advice (for fiction)

What advice do you have for someone who wishes to become a writer?

I make it a practice never to encourage anyone to try to become a writer. Writing of fiction is a talent given by God. Either you are a writer, or you are not. You will never become a writer, no matter how hard you may try. Nor can a writer stop being a writer, no matter how much he or she may try to forsake the craft. Writers are writers whether they write on paper or only write in their minds. Everything a writer does is writing, because a writer is always writing, whether aware of it or not (mostly unaware of it).

What advice do you have for writers?

When I'm writing a scene the first time, my main goal is to get the story on paper. Until the story is on paper, there is no such thing as a poorly written sentence.

I recommend writers keep notes in whatever fashion or system works well for them personally. Don't waste time on a system that doesn't make sense to you, because it won't work for you.

Don't waste time or money on anything that promises to teach you how to write. If you don't know how to write, you are not a writer. Instead, spend your time, effort, and resources making friends with people who love books. Those who love to read who also do some writing are the people who will be most able to tell you what is good in your writing and what needs improvement.

If you have found your style, don't let anyone make stylistic decisions for you. It's your style, they're your stories, and no one else knows what you are saying until you tell the story. Don't let anyone tell your story for you, and don't try to tell a story that is not yours to tell.

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