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Other Works: Songs

- Songs on Lingua Lincoln -

Here is one of the songs I've written.

A Lullaby


In case the console doesn't appear, or the song won't play, here's the file.


Baby, lie you peaceful here,

and in no time you will hear,

angels songs and angel tread,

as they dance by overhead.


The angels dance to keep you safe,

they know just what to do-oo-oo,

and as they dance by overhead,

they will drop sweet dreams for you.


The King of heaven, God above,

Commands His angels on His love.

Children hold a special place

By His word receiving grace.


To His dear child He sends good dreams;

You know His words come true-oo-oo;

His angels dance by overhead,

And they drop sweet dreams for you.


God made the birds fly high and free,

O'er the land and mighty sea;

God, who loves us, sends the rain

(that) Brings us good fruit from the plain.


God gave us sunset evening clouds;

God gave us morning dew-oo-oo;

God's angels dance by overhead,

Dropping down sweet dreams for you.


God raised the mountains' majesty

Above the low hills' modesty;

His love is shown in many ways,

Let us give to God our praise!


Let us thank Him for these gifts:

For lakes and skies of blue-oo-oo,

For angels dancing overhead,

Letting fall sweet dreams for you.


For gift of fire to keep us warm,

For trees that shelter from the storm;

Let us not forget to pray,

Thanking God for every day.


God shows His love so many ways,

His blessings are not few-oo-oo.

He sent His angels this to do:

Dance, and drop sweet dreams for you.

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