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If you were dying
what would you have left undone
that you never did?
Morbid thoughts of death,
panic is everywhere now—
people, get a grip.
Get motivated.
Do what's needing to be done.
Live life to the full.
Life lived fully well
with God always in focus
equals no regrets.
Unquestioning faith
Doesn't mean you will accept
All without thinking.
Unquestioning faith
Comes from already having
Asked God your questions.
Questions satisfied,
I can accept what God says,
Asking nothing more.
If you do not try,
You will with certainty fail.
You must always try.
Stilted haiku verse
could I have made it better?
—hard to make it worse
Reader, don't feel blue;
If you do not like this one,
Try the next haiku.
Made a haiku page.
Someone started me on them.
Now, you can suffer.
Many write haiku,
but many write bad haiku;
beat count only guide.
Good haiku contain
one clause in each subtle line,
breaking at one's pause.
Phrasing broken by
syllable and not by flow:
this is bad haiku.
I do not like this,
But how can I waste my time
Wishing we were friends?
I did not see it.
I thought we were just busy.
A good friend is lost.
A beautiful mind;
great music on top of that;
but now, to me, lost.
I will simply wait,
Hoping you will let me in,
That we can be friends.
I respect your space,
But don't think that I don't care:
I am here, waiting.
You said you would like
Ever to be mine alone.
A romantic thought.
Where is your love now?
I have heard nothing from you.
Two months have now passed.
Do you know the path?
Can you find your way to me?
Or do you not care?
If you can find me,
Or if you will change your mind,
I will still be here.
Waiting, as always,
I await my future bride.
Whoever she is.
If she is not you,
Please do not break this silence.
Do not intervene.
If you are not her,
I want only your friendship,
If you can bear that.
If you can't or won't,
Let silence be our good-bye;
I will be faithful.
Alone, the man is sad;
worthlessly with a woman,
he would be sadder.
When I spoke harshly,
Did you take my words to heart,
or did you ignore?
My words were thoughtful.
So should your listening be,
lest you waste my words.
I, my piece spoken,
have heard nothing from you since.
I make a deep sigh.
Proof is oft ignored,
conclusions not accepted;
some take paths known wrong.
Hillside cloaked in shade.
God is with me; I am safe.
I can be myself.
Stranger to my life,
On the outside, looking in;
A friend, unawares?
If you want to see
More of these dreadful haiku
Send me a topic
I will do my best
Or maybe I'll do my worst
haiku about it


January is
A time of darkness and snow;
Frozen, icy world
February brings
Thoughts of companionship, love;
Alas, only thoughts.
March comes in, they say,
like lion and out like lamb.
That is what they say.
April brings its rains,
Filling every plant with their
Life-giving water.
May has come, and now,
Flowers in bloom all around;
See beauty divine.

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