Tree with shadow, words on Polish flag: S-cray-oh-la in Poland

Welcome to my Poland section. I made this section to show my friends and my church the things I learned, observed, and thought during the preparation and process of my trip to Poland to teach English for a year.


Last night at 21:00, it was -2°C/28.4°F. Right now (18:08), it is just above 0°C.

Today was an interesting day. I did two conversation classes in the public school this morning. I spent the rest of the day (until my class) grading essays and reading (when I could no longer stand the essays). Some of them are pretty good, but it's still difficult to hunch over them with a red pen for very long.


Today is the Polish Independence Day, when Poland celebrates the end of 123 years of partition.

It's also Veterans' Day in the US. This used to be Armistice Day, but they changed it, I guess because the war to end all wars didn't.

I hear ducks from time to time on the lake, but I've only seen one. Mostly, I see ugly seagulls. I saw a swan one day, but I didn't get a picture, and I haven't seen one since. I want to get some pictures of ducks.

The current temperature (10:34 local) is 2°C/35.6°F. It snowed a little the other night, but that was only in the air. On the ground, only water.

I need to finish writing vocab tests today and get those printed. I also need to finish grading the essays from my Level IV class.


I'm almost finished reading _Les_Miserables_. I've just finished the part where Javert leaves Jean Valjean and goes through his mental revolution, where he realizes that justice is more complex than rules and punishment... What a thought... Anyway... I've tried to be vague while still making it clear to those who know the story where I am.

I finished grading the first essays today. I also finished preparing the first vocabulary tests, including a repeat typing of one test, which I somehow managed to save over. :(


I have learned that one of my senators, Bill Nelson (D-FL), is sponsoring a bill which is in direct violation of the Constitution (and common sense). I am extremely disappointed. "All in favor of losing their rights, do nothing."

I have finished reading _Les_Miserables_.

Not much is new here. I have a pretty steady routine. We've had fog the last few days, but today it is clear. The temperature outside is 14°C/57.2°F (at 12:28).

I hope that all is well in the church. I understand some exciting things are happening.

Mariah blows quite heavily here. Today, the wind is so boisterous that the inner doors of the house shift from the changes in pressure. The trees twist and sway in her incoherent but irresistible grasp.


Forgive me for my lack of recent updates. Things have been so routine here that I haven't had any motivation to make updates that consist of "I'm fine. The temperature outside is:". The temperature outside is, by the way, currently 4.5°C/40.1°F (at 12:41). I haven't seen any snow, yet. (I am fine.)

I have an update today because yesterday Adam, the other teacher, had to go to Warsaw. I filled in for him during his Level I, II, and III classes. It went very well. Pastor Kris sat in on the first two to help me out. We mostly reviewed vocabulary and did repetition. I asked them questions, and they answered. As always we came across some words I had to explain... Perhaps my speaking vocabulary is too big. :)

I need to do some writing this weekend—not fiction, mind you, but letters. I've been putting it off while waiting to get some new postcards, but I realize now that several people should get a real letter from me. I hope I can mail a passel of letters on Monday.

I got my bill for last month's internet yesterday. It was rather high, but cheaper than all other forms of entertainment. It should be lower this month. I had to download several large programs last month.

I added a new page to my Web site, by the way. It fits nicely with the rest of the changes I made to my front page. I spent about four hours fighting with the scripting on the new page before I got it to work properly.......It was worth it. :)

Thanks to all those who have sent me cards and letters.

I'm currently waiting for my ship to come in... and with it, a big box of books. I hope it arrives soon.

I think I had a bad dream this morning, but when I got up, I couldn't remember it. I just had a strong notion that I'd had one. This was the first one since I asked people to pray about my dreams, though, so praise God for that. Thank you all for praying. I hope it will be the last for a long time.


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