Who Is This Guy?
Shady hillside in Okaloosa County, FL

Who Is This Guy?

The Figure represents the personal and the biographical.

Who I Am (briefly)

Gender: Male

Faith: Christianity

Politics: Arch-Conservative


If you want to see my recent thoughts, visit My Social Networks.

If you want to know what I went through to become the man I am today, check out My Biography.

If you want to see my faith journey, read My Testimony.

If you want to have a glimpse into my durable thoughts, enter The Mind.

I worry that I worry too much.

Here are a few of the sites where I keep track of what I'm thinking, what I'm watching, what I'm playing, and what I wouldn't mind having. They are here in case anyone is interested.

I cope with ADHD

Is there a gift-giving occasion approaching? Can't decide what to give me? You really don't have to give me anything, but if you are going to and want help deciding on something, My Wishlists are available. I'd rather go for coffee and talk to you, though.

If you want to vote me into public office, make sure you like My Political Stances, first.

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