The Spring Semester Begins.

The Spring Semester Begins.

Tree with shadow, words on Polish flag: S-cray-oh-la in Poland

Welcome to my Poland section. I made this section to show my friends and my church the things I learned, observed, and thought during the preparation and process of my trip to Poland to teach English for a year.


We didn't start classes today. Instead, we've been figuring out what the schedule of classes will be. Well, Kris has been tearing his hair out trying to put together a workable schedule. I've been reading, writing, and thinking, as there is nothing for me to do.

Kris has been talking to students and parents all day, both in person and on the phone. He puts the phone down, and it rings again. New students come by now and then to take placement tests. In all, it has been a hectic day. I went into town for groceries this morning, but I've spent most of the day at my computer.

I'll be glad tomorrow to go to the dormitory for lunch, because the past two weeks have been very expensive compared to school weeks. I could have gone today, but I decided to stay in, eat a couple of hot soup cups, and wash my dishes.

So far, I have classes schedules tentatively for two days in the week, but I expect the other days to fill eventually (i.e. before the night is out). A lighter class load would be good for extra time to grade things and prepare, if I can manage to actually use my time wisely. I will probably also have a private lesson on Saturdays. I'll have to wait and see how that goes, though.

That's the news from Lake Jeziorak. The time is currently 17:57 and the temperature outside my window is -1°C/30.2°F. God bless you all.


Classes should start tomorrow. Today was another day of many students phoning and coming by. I will be glad when placement testing is over.

I've been thinking a little about various places in the U.S. And I've thought, of some of them, that I would like to go to these places when I return. Cape Kennedy, New York, The Gulfarium, the trail that is on my Florida map, Panacea.

I got my pictures back. I'll scan some of them this weekend, I think.

I haven't gone ice skating yet. Kris says I can probably borrow some skates from a man he knows, so I hope to do some skating in the next week or two. I really could use the exercise. It's too cold to walk much, and I won't run on ice. When it gets warm again, I can get more exercise.


I know I said classes were likely to start Tuesday or Wednesday, but it didn't work out. Today was the first day of classes. I taught three classes today, but only two of them had a good showing. I expect next week to be much better in terms of attendance. The intro classes went very smoothly. I talked about grading practices and such, and then, after an opportunity for questions, I started the first lesson.

The parsonage has a new door. The old one was terrible and badly needed replacement. The new one will consume all of the spring tuition fees, but it is an excellent door, and it will have a closing mechanism soon. As it is, it is a quality door with good closing and opening, practically unbreakable glass, and a lovely finish. I'll take a picture when the outside finishing is complete and I have film.

I haven't seen Adam this semester, yet. He'll have classes on the days I'm off, and we're going to have one class, I think only one, taught by the Ukrainian teacher.

The second LOTR movie is coming to Iława soon. Kris and I are going to see it together. He really needs a break. He said the last time he went to the movie was something like two years ago. Have you hugged your pastor this week? He probably works too hard. He almost certainly works very hard. I know Kris does. There's another movie coming, but I don't know if I'll go see it. It depends on whether the movie is dubbed.

I'll try to scan some photos this weekend.

The time is now 20:43, and the temperature outside my window is -3°C/26.6°F.

image description follows:

The new door.


Our classes are going fine. I had my semester VII class on Monday, and it went smoothly. Adam taught his first classes of the semester, and we played chess. I guess his classes went fine.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian teacher had her first class. Apparently, she was very nervous about it, but I think it went very well. I had three classes in the afternoon, and my feet were aching when I finished.

Today, I'm going to visit the school and schedule some classes there for conversation. I'll only be doing one or two classes at the school each week.

I think I'm going to try to start brushing up on and learning more of C++. I know it probably sounds as though I'm taking up hobbies left and right, but I'm not. I'm pursuing interests and mental challenges all related to two things. More on that as it develops, but I wanted to point out that I'm not adding extra time to my schedule, which is still pretty full.

I hope to go skating soon. More on that as it develops. That's the news from Lake Jeziorak. The time is now 10:09, and the temperature outside my window is a balmy 2°C/35.6°F. Have a great day in the Lord!


Not much is new. I'll be going to the school tomorrow for a conversational class.

Today was a long day. The Ukrainian teacher was sick, so I took her class. It was fun. We did repeating of letters, numbers, and some adjectives.

That's all I have for today. I have to go now and copy (by hand, since I didn't get to the printer today) several poems for the class tomorrow.


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