Accident photos
Shady hillside in Okaloosa County, FL

Accident photos

In December, 2003, I was driving my mother to the wedding of one of my high-school classmates when a truck pulled across the highway in front of us. These are photographs I took at the body shop afterward, while waiting for the insurance company to say whether or not they would total my car.

The truck that pulled out in front of me. You can see the wheel was knocked off the axle.

My poor car.

From another angle.

my poor car

A closer view of the point of impact. The bumper's foam cover has been split clear through.

The bumper is the metal piece marked with a red line.

Side view of my valiant steed.

car after accident

If you can believe it, the body shop fixed up this car, and it is still running, over 9 years later.

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