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This page is here because at some time in the past, my friends asked about it. It is here because it is fact. If you don't care what my lineage is, fine. You don't have to look at it. If you would think me conceited for mentioning ancestors who were famous, please don't read this. I have no interest in vaunting myself on the basis of my ancestry.

The information for the thread from Egbert to Deane Winslow Mather through Robert Spencer is from The Descendants of William Walworth. I might add other branches, but this is by no means meant to be a genealogy tree.

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Egbert, 17th and last king of the West Saxons, married Lady Redburga.

Their son, Ethelwulf, King of England, married Lady Osburga, daughter of Oslac.

Their son, Alfred, King of England, married Lady Elswitha, daughter of a Mercian Earl.

Their son, Edward, the Elder, King of England, married Equina, a shepherd's daughter.

Their son, Edmund, King of England, married Lady Elfgiva.

Their son, Edgar, the Peacable, King of England, married Ethelfled, the Fair, daughter of Earl Ordmar.

Their son, Ethelred, the Unready, King of England, married Elfleda.

Their son, Edmund Ironside, King of England, married Lady Algitha.

Their son, Edward, the Exile, married Agatha, daughter of Henry, Emperor of Germany.

Their daughter, Margaret, married Malcolm III, King of Scotland.

Their daughter, Matilda, King of Scotland, married Henry I, King of England.

Their daughter, Matilda or Maud, King of England, married Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou.

Their son, Henry II, King of England, married Eleanor, daughter and co-heir of William, Duke of Aquitaine.

Their son, John, King of England, married Isabella, daughter of Aymer, Count of Angoulene.

Their son, Henry III, King of England, born Oct. 10, 1207, married Eleanor, daughter of Raymond, Count of Provence.

Their son, Edward, King of England, married Eleanor, daughter of Ferdinand III, King of Castile.

Their son, Edward II, King of England, married Isabella, daughter of Philip IV, King of France.

Their son, Edward III, King of England, married Philippa, daughter of William, Count of Hainault.

Their son, John of Gaunt, married Catherine Swynford.

Their son, John Beaufort, married Margaret Holland, daughter of Robert Holland of West Derby, Lancaster.

Their son, Edward Beaufort, married Eleanor Beachamp.

Their daughter, Eleanor Beaufort, married Robert Spencer.

Their daughter, Margaret Spencer, married Thomas Carey.

Their son, William Carey, married Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, wife of King Henry VIII.

Their daughter, Catherine Mary Carey, cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England, married Sir Frances Knollys.

Their daughter, Lady Anne Knollys, married Sir Thomas West.

Their daughter, Lady Elizabeth West, married Sir Herbert Pelham, Esq. of Crawl.

Their daughter, Miss Elizabeth Pelham, married John Humprhy, Esq., Deputy Governor of Massachusettes Bay Colony.

Their daughter, Miss Ann Humphrey, married William Palmes.

Their daughter, Miss Susannah Palmes, married Captain Samuel Avery, of New London, Conn.

Their daughter, Miss Mary Avery, married William Walworth, of Groton, Conn., son of William Walworth.

Their son, Nathan Walworth, born Oct. 17, 1724, married Amy Stark.

Their son, Elijah Walworth, born Jan. 15, 1762, married Jemima Gallup.

Their son, Zacheus Walworth, born Apr. 7, 1795, married Sarah Burnett.

Their daughter, Theresa H. Walworth, born May 11, 1825, married Rufus Amidon.

Their daughter, Anna M. Amidon, born Mar. 4, 1854, married Oscar Carpenter.

Their daughter, Mary Carpenter, born Apr. 14, 1883, married George Mather.

George Mather was my great-grandfather.

If you have URLs of sites that discuss any of the people mentioned here, please email them to me.



The ancestry of Egbert:

Egbert, last king of the West Saxons, was the son of Eahlmund, King of Kent, the son of Eafa, Prince of Wessex, the son of Eoppa, West Saxon Prince, the son of Ingild, West Saxon Prince, the son of Cenred, West Saxon Prince, the son of West Saxon Prince Ceolwald, the son of Cuthwulf, West Saxon Prince, the son of Cuthwine, the son of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons, the son of Cynric, King of the West Saxons, the son of Cerdic, 1st King of the West Saxons, the son of Elesa, the son of Elsa, the son of Gewis, the son of Wig, the son of Freawine, the son of Frithogar, the son of Brond, the son of Baeldaeg, the son of Woden, the son of Frithuwald, the son of Frealaf, the son of Frithuwulf, the son of Finn, the son of Godwulf, the son of Geata, the son of Taetwa, the son of Beaw, the son of Sceldwa, the son of Heremod, the son of Itermon, the son of Hathra, the son of Hwala, the son of Bedwig, the son of Sceaf, whose forefather was Noah, the son of Lamech, the son of Methuselah, the son of Enoch, the son of Jared, the son of Mahalalel, the son of Kenan, the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

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If you have URLs of sites which discuss any of the people mentioned here, please email them to me.

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