Shady hillside in Spokane County, WA

Build Progress

I'm updating my Web site. It will go live when all of these parts are done:

1/1 theme chosen and designed.
7/28 pages retired.
13/28 pages updated.
1/7 pages folded.
2/6 section layouts updated.
50/130 est. of required files done.
52/200 Overall progress.

Estimated completion: 38 days.

Hello, again!

Thank you for following up on our personal contact by visiting my Web site. I appreciate your interest in me.

I value your time, so here are some of the most likely things you wanted to reach on my site:


What is this place?

I love being outside, but I don't like the sun. I much prefer the shade, where I can enjoy the fresh air without getting too warm or baking in the sun. Therefore, this is my own little shady hillside; a place where I can be myself and let you into my head to see some of the thoughts that float around in my mind. If there is anything you want to know about me, I will most likely be glad to add it if you request it.

This Web site used to be called the Mind of the Writer, and that is still what it is, but the previous title was not personal enough. It didn't reflect me in any specific way. The Writer could be anyone, especially a writer of great fame or influence. Another problem was that the title was common. I needed a title that would be mine alone. I chose Drailen because of its meaning and its origin. I created the word in 2000 or 2001 as a nick on IRC, and it means "Shady Hillside".

Skreyola is another one of my IRC nicks. I created it because my previous nick had been too common, and other people were using it. It means "Child of God", for that is what I am.

What are the areas of the site?

Because this is the core, here are the different areas of this Web site.

For questions, comments, or suggestions, contact the webmaster by e-mail.
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