The Machine
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The Machine

People should think. Machines should work.

An operating system should serve its users, not its programmers, as a hammer pounds the nails its owner wishes pounded, not the nails its manufacturer chooses. Computers are tools that can be used for whatever purpose their users dictate. Computers should be neutral brokers of information and effort multiplication. Networks should be free and neutral, because people want to be free.

I think it's insane that we live in a society that accepts as normal the idea of running machines with software so unstable that turning the machine off and on is an acceptable start to the troubleshooting process. It's like taking an arrow through the leg and having your doctor give you a pain pill. And again whenever it starts hurting again. This solves your immediate problem but does nothing to solve the cause of the pain. Rebooting your machine nearly always does nothing to remedy the cause of the problem.

More mechanical ravings

Technology doesn't save anything. It doesn't save time, money, relationships, or anything... Unless you use it skillfully, and that's harder than most people think. Most people think you can just toss some technology into the mix and solve any problem, but that isn't true. It takes thoughtful application. Because in the end, machines don't think; they just work, and only as well as the people who set them up thought them through and applied them. People have to think, or machines just speed and automate error.

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